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  5. "Ξέρεις την διεύθυνση;"

"Ξέρεις την διεύθυνση;"

Translation:Do you know the address?

December 19, 2016



This told me that the answer was do you know the management


That's not "the" answer (in the sense of: the only correct answer), but it is an answer.

η διεύθυνση can be an address (like "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500") or it can mean management.

The thing they have in common is the direction that they give -- an address directs you to a place, and management directs a company.


Has the word διευ an independant greek translation?( I have not got my favourite greek norwegian dictionary with me on this train). In France, dieu means something like "god".


the word διευ

There is no word διευ in Greek.


I suppose god does a fair amount of directing so thats a good way of remembering it.


H Διεύθυνση = address / direction / management (επιχείρησης) ....... η διαχείριση = managment / administration........ ο διευθυντής = manager /principal / director.


Hi - Thanks to your very helpful notes I finally got around to learning when to keep or drop the ν in την, στην, δεν etc. Please how come it is kept with διεύθυνσή ; δ is not one of the letters in your list. Thank you :-)

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Dropping the -ν is considered mandatory in the official rule. However, it'snot uncommon to see people not dropping it IRL. In the new tree all the translations showed are going to follow the rule, though (not dropping the ν will problably still be accepted as it's something common in written speech).


What is the correct pronunciation for διεύθυνση? I hear that something like "διεφθνισι".


διεφθινσι is correct for διεύθυνση, yes :)

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