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  5. "Εσύ πίνεις νερό."

"Εσύ πίνεις νερό."

Translation:You drink water.

December 19, 2016



πινεις sounds familiar for a native English speaker


so fast, in Greek people speak in this way? ( hardly hear, will be good if we can hear slower versions also :)


It depends on the person. Some people talk pretty fast, others pretty slow. That's a thing for pretty much any language, I think. ^.^


I would have to argue that this particular sentence (and any machine generater duolingo voiced sentence) is pretty slow compared to what a native would say in everyday speech. They are more slow and clear than the average Greek speaker, to my opinion..


Yeah definitely. It's just that to me, the speed and "clarity" of speech depends on a lot of stuff, that have to do with the people themselves. Dialects are a factor, too. ^.^ But I agree about the speed on the Duolingo sentences. They are all a bit slowed down, I guess for learning reasons. ^.^


Slower and just a tad bit clearer pronunciation lol


For this sentence, is it the same for "you are drinking water" and "you drink water "?


Sure! Greek lacks the Present Continuous tense ;)


Of course, Thank you!!! For everything is ever becoming, ever flowing. Static motor.

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