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"Portocala nu e printre prune."

Translation:The orange is not between the plums.

December 19, 2016



Difference between printre & între?


between and among, I believe. In other words, something is located BETWEEN (INTRE) two things, but AMONG (PRINTRE) three or more things. I'm pretty sure that's right.


I recently saw an explanation posted by another user on a sentence in this lesson, which summed it up perfectly. Here's a brief transcript of what he said: între, printre = finding something amongst other things that are not similar (a horse amongst apples) dintre = finding something that are similar (the most beautiful girl between all girls) If you find him, give him a Lingot :)


And how is it different from 'dintre'?


Examples: Unul dintre ei - One of them (masc.). Cel mai bun dintre ei - The best of them (masc.). Dintre toate, aleg aceasta. - From all, I will choose this. Ea alege una dintre ele. - She chooses one of them (fem.) .



I read discussion in two other sentences in this talking about definite articles. From that discussion "the plums" would require a definite article. In Romanian sometimes the definite article is attached to a word. In this case I do not see any definite article.



So how did they get "the plums"?

I put "plums" and got marked wrong.


I put "the orange is not among plums" today and got marked correct, but Duolingo still suggests "The orange is not between the plums." as another correct solution. As I wrote a month ago, that doesn't make sense.

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