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"Eu am doi copii mari și atrăgători."

Translation:I have two grown up and attractive children.

December 19, 2016



could mare mean tall as well, or just big?


"Mare" means big, like in "Frații mei mai mari" (My bigger brothers). The word for tall is "Înalt": Eu am doi copii înalți și atrăgători.


What exactly is the difference between big "mari" and large "larg?"

Thanks in advance for any help.


"Larg" doesn't necessarily mean large, but it could be translated that way. More specifically, it means broad or wide.

"Mare" just means big or large.

I'm not a native speaker, but I'm pretty confident in this matter. Anybody can correct me if I'm wrong :)


Thanks. This helps. I've been wondering about this too.

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