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"Is it greek to you?"As a native greek speaker i love my language but I can understand that it is one of the most difficult languages to learn... So, if you need help, if you want to ask me anything I am here for you!!! Also if some of you would like to practice the speaking part or writing part by talking to a native I would be glad to help. I would also use some practice to speak in english and (as i am learning spanish) soon in spanish In order to hepl you of course you need to speak english, or greek

December 19, 2016



Hello! Even though I do the courses regularly, I would like to write someone as a penpal to improve my greek.


I can't see my answer ... I hope I didn't posted it twice!

That was my thought when I made this post ....so letme know the way that is most convinient to you!!! and.... Merry Christmas (Καλά Χριστούγεννα)


καλισπερα και καλα χριστουγεννα!! No, I do not think that you posted it twice. I am so glad I am having a penpal to learn greek. The most easy way for me to learn greek is by e-mail. I don't know whether it's prohibited or not to give e-mail here but ; janedoexx96@icloud.com

Σ εφκαριστο


I am a little busy these days but I'll send you the first email by Monday .... My name is Georgia by the way


Γεια σου! I'm a Spanish native and I'd love to know a Greek native! I like asking and answering questions. If you want we can meet on mail / Skype.


Great! I've already known some Spanish too. Could you mail mein your spare time, if you don't mind? Thank you


Hola! I have both ....so if you could send me your email or skype username,it would be great!!! My name is Georgia by the way


Hi, It would be nice to have somebody to talk to about the Greek language. I do have some Greek in my heritage, so i thought it'd be cool to learn it. I have skype, if you have it!


It is very nice and thoughtful of people like yourself to offer help to others in order to practice Greek language. I love greece, Greek language, Greek people, music, food and almost everything about Greece


I don't think it's one of the most difficult language to learn (try Irish, Welsh and Romanian!) but it's fun!


Well, Irish isn't that hard really...


I'm think that Chinese and English are among the hardest languages to learn.


πολύ ωραίο. μ΄αρεσι! χαριστώ!


Many thanks for your offer! I started Greek some weeks ago and it is really fascinating but, having the chance to communicate with someone in it would certainly help a lot!!!
My native language is Spanish but I am also fluent in English and German, so I would also be glad to help!


Hello! I am Greek, greek native speaker. I can help you anytime :) we can talk or you can write to me in greek and help you!


ειμαι ιταλός και δεν ξέρω πως να βρίσκω κάποιο που να μιλήσω στα ελλενηκά...


Hello! I am Greek, greek native speaker. I can help you anytime :) we can talk or you can write to me in greek and help you!


Hello Anastasia156839, I really woul like to talk with you. My username on Skype is viviana.andrea.arboleda

If you like to practice Spanish I can help you. Please, send my your friend request on Skype. Best regards!


Hello Viviana! I just added you! :) Have a nice day! Hit me when you want! ;)


Hello Anastasia. Thank you so much ;) Have a nice day too :)

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