"Îmbrăcămintea este scumpă."

Translation:The clothing is expensive.

December 19, 2016

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However they are two different words. Îmbrăcăminte = clothing Haine = clothes In Dutch we say "kleding" and "kleren". (See it just as the difference between kissing and kisses, it is the same and yet it is different in a linguistic way ;-)...)


I do not know the linguistic explanation, but clothing and kissing are different constructs. Clothing is the name of collection of items. Kissing is an act of, hopefully, affection. It could be that an old use of clothing would be an act of putting on clothes, and both words name something. These characteristics are always interesting.


'the clothes are expensive' is counted wrong but seems mighty similar


It is accepted now.


"este" + "is" this should be a clue.

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