"He reads her a magazine."

Translation:Él le lee una revista.

February 16, 2013

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Why it is not "Él LA lee una revista a ella." ?


Because he reads 'to her', he doesn't read her. I had the same problem, found this helped: http://spanish.about.com/cs/grammar/a/objectpronouns.htm


"le" is the indirect object pronoun for both genders the "a ella" is added so we can see he is reading "to her"


Yes, it's a good idea to clarify with 'a ella' without already having the context.


I don't believe it! For the first time in this skill, I actually got all the pronouns and verbs right and the right way round, only to get the noun wrong :^(


A ella él le lee una revista. I could not a ella here?


I'm unclear as to why you would not add "a ella" to the end of the sentence making it: "El le lee una revista a ella." Just two sentences before this one I correctly translated "He writes her a book" to "El le escribe un libro a ella." Why is "He reads her a magazine" translated as "El le lee una revista" instead of "El le lee una revista a ella?"


it depends on other context clues such as previous sentences. if it was confirmed in previous context that le refers to her, then this tanslation is fine. however, we were given no other context so a ella should have been added to emphasize that le refers to a female


I woul say it should sound: el la lee una revista


i thought is should be "la" s well. The tips say that la is the obj pronoun for her. My answer was marked wrong.


I tried: "Él lee a ella una revista" Like you say pepe0001

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