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Greek on Kindle App.

I was very exited about being able to learn Greek. I use Duolingo on my kindle and computer. I signed up for Greek and after that I was not able to use my kindle app again. Not for Greek nor Italian, that it was what I was learning first. So I deleted Greek from my profile and continue only with Italian. My question is...Has that been fixed yet? Can I use the kindle app for Greek? Thanks.

December 19, 2016

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Italian is on the kindle duo app.

Greek, Welsh, Hebrew are not. Irish was recently (in the last few months) was added, very pumped on that. I have to use my iphone for the 3 still not on kindle.

I was wondering if these others are going to be added any time in the near future. I have the iphone 5c, so it is very difficult to see the Greek and Hebrew characters clearly on the iphone.

I have the newest kindle (7th generation) and hope more languages are put on the kindle Duolingo app, because it is a lot bigger screen.

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