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Diferencia entre HABER y A VER

HABER es un verbo, conjugado es HAY o HAN (siempre con H)

Debe de HABER un libro por aquí. (There must be a book somewhere here)

A VER, tiene el sentido de ir a mirar o de esperar algo.

Vamos A VER que pasa.(Let's see what happens)

Espero que os haya (del verbo haber) ayudado a ver (del verbo ver) la diferencia. :)

February 16, 2013



There are even spanish speakers who (for some reason) have a hard time with this...


aren't haber and a ver pronounced basically the same? it's like native english speakers insisting on confusing they're/their/there :P


Also like English people writing "I should of eaten."


On Facebook they are almost used interchangeably. Pretty awful having to read it. Another one of these is Ay!, hay and alli. But I guess your used to it, if you're native language is English. :-)

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