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  5. "Are Andrei o portocală?"

"Are Andrei o portocală?"

Translation:Has Andrei an orange?

December 20, 2016



"Has Andrei got an orange?" and "Does Andrei have an orange?" are two ways of writing the same thing. Why was my answer marked wrong when most other exercises accept either way of writing it? Duolingo is supposed to be correcting my Romanian, not trying to find fault with my native English!


Why cant it be translated to ''Andrei has an orange?''


In "proper" English you don't ask questions with just your inflection. It's like how the French don't use ne in negation even though duolingo would never let you get away with it. Je sais pas


This sounds to me in English like Don Quixote sounds in Spanish. Outdated.


I would definitely ask, "does Andre have/got an orange?"


"Does Andrei have an orange?" is fine. "Has Andrei got an orange?" is also fine, and would be the preferred way of saying it in the UK, especially informally. "Does Andrei got an orange?" is not grammatically correct.

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