"Fugim odată cu urșii!"

Translation:We run at the same time as the bears!

December 20, 2016

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My question here is related to 'the bears'. In many other cases when nouns are used with prepositions, this is translated into English with a definite article while the Romanian nouns do not have the definite form. In this case, using the observation explained above, it would be logical to expect indefinite bears. However, we see 'ursii' after all. How can this be anticipated, especially in the auditing exercise, and how this issue of prepositions and definite/indefinite nouns should be addressed in Romanian altogether?


You're right, most prepositions are followed by a noun without a definite article in Romanian. "Cu" is the only exception where a stand alone noun can have a definite article after. Also, if the noun following the preposition is modified, it takes a definite article. For instance, if you want to say, "We are running away from the black bears", you would say in Romanian, "Fugim de urșii negri". I hope that helps...


What about "la"? I'm pretty sure I saw "la" followed by a noun with a definite article somewhere else in the tree. But maybe the noun was modified: I can't remember. And I was asking myself the exact same question as tatianandreeva, so thanks for the answer.


Cu plăcere! ;) "la" isn't an exception to this rule either. A good example is when you're answering the question "Unde ești?" You could reply with something like "La magazin", but not "La magazinul". The latter just sounds awkward... Feel free to report it if the noun has an article without being modified.


I'm confused about the usage of odată here. I thought odată meant "once" or "one time". I'd appreciate a more detailed explanation. Mulțumesc frumos.


It can also mean "at the same time".

Here, it is synonymous with "deodată", which you could use if you wish to avoid confusion (although their very similar forms and the fact that "deodată" could also mean "suddenly" might be even more confusing...).

Another alternative is "în același timp" which is closer to the English form.


Isn't it also the fact that it's not just odata, but odata CU?


Yes! ...the bears could run in Canada and I could run in the Carpathians...at the same time...I think the real meaning is "I run with the bears". Duolingo makes little effort/thoughts with the examples... The main thing is that the advertising is running...


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