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"Tu ești cea mai frumoasă dintre femei."

Translation:You are the most beautiful among women.

December 20, 2016



Pff, and I was disappointed that this course didn't have a flirting skill ;)


Yeah…the romanian language does have some pretty cheesy lines, which I personally don't like to be honest. I prefer to hear original things coming from the heart. :)

I will not speak for the rest of the Romanian women, I think there are women who share my opinion but also women who actually may like such lines. xD


Certainly, cheesy lines and their general ineffectiveness are universal. But depending on the circumstances, they might be a useful opener or joke.

And as with any language learning, even if the particular example isn't useful, understanding the structures is.


I have to say, I'd love to see a few "lines" out of curiosity. I find it fascinating to see the colloquial and non-textbook/classroom phrases.


So is there any significant difference between "între", "printre" and "dintre"? I've had all three meaning "among" in different sentences and it seems like they all can mean "between" as well. Are any of them interchangeable?


They are interchangeable. "Între" comes from the latin inter. "Printre= pre + între" and "dintre= de + între". If între and printre can be used to find something specific among others (a flute among dresses), dintre is used to pick a special something among equals (most beautiful among women).


Thank you very much for the explanation. Such little differences are only well-understood by natives so I'm glad you take the time to answer some of the questions we might have :)


Cu plăcere! You're welcome!


Mulțumesc mult pentru explanație!


Explanation= explicație :)


Idk why I wrote explanație instead of explicație, must be tired :D Thanks!


Thanks from me as well. It is these small differences in usage that make a language even more interesting, and as Enchom said, getting a feel for them is much easier for native speakers. So thanks again! :)


Does anyone know if the following translation is wrong (and if so, why)? "You are the most beautiful of the women."


Because "femei" was used rather than "femeile". In fact, reading the helpful post later in these comments (about the catholic prayer noting the phrase "among all women"), it is not clear whether Duolingo intended this meaning!


That is what I put, and it should not be incorrect.


Am I getting correct that this is more in the sense of "You are the most beautiful out of all women" whereas "dintre femeile" would be "You're the most beautiful of this group of women"?


For those of you who might have studied Latin and might have been Catholics, the meaning is definitely AMONG ALL, like the Prayer : Ave Maria gratia plena, benedicta tu IN mulieribus ...../ you are blessed AMONG ALL THE WOMEN.


Yes. And yes for "dintre femeile din grupul acesta/acestui grup". Just "femeile" is not enough.


I used "the prettiest" and it was accepted by DL.


You mean not accepted? At least for me it wasn't.


Maybe amongst women?


It should be you are the most beautiful amongst all the women

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