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"Today I want fish for dinner."

Translation:Astăzi eu vreau pește la cină.

December 20, 2016



Why is it wrong to say: "Azi eu vreau pește la cină"?


Either leaving off the subject is actually forbidden for some reason in this case, or they simply haven't added the option yet since leaving the subject off is far more common.

I haven't yet seen a case before that I recall where the subject was required, so I'm very curious too.


Is there any significant difference between Azi and Astăzi?


Why is it wrong to say "Azi eu vreau pește pentru cină"? I got marked incorrect because I said "eu".


"Pentru cină" is not correct in this case, the proper preposition is "la".


I wrote "Azi eu doresc peşte la cina". It got marked wrong, does anyone know if it's actually incorrect or does it just differ too much from the "standard" sentence here?


There we have a mistake I think because in previous sentence " azi eu gatesc pui" was acceoted but not here ( for "azi" I mean)


My mistake, sorry! Mu answer was not right because of use of " pestele" in place of " peste" not for " azi"


Then I thought about the overexploitation of the oceans, all the plastic and fish as friends and tried a vegan fishless fillet instead

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