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Translations: advertisements

I was using the "Real world practice function" and I stumbled here: http://duolingo.com/#translation/0ac5871b12920cc1ae17f7bd152949dd?index=2 . I don't think advertisements should be into the pool of articles to translate. If so, I would like to be paid. Did it happen to you as well? Do you find it fair or not?

February 16, 2013



This may read like an advert, but it's actually a blog post. The author just happens to be very fond of that juice. Anyway, I don't think there's anything wrong with translating adverts. You are in fact being paid by getting the language course for free.


I would rather prefer a clear advertisement on the right, like in Facebook, and to translate some real articles. I may sound annoying, but I find it pretty strange.


I'd rather prefer not to have some annoyingly blinking random ad that clutters the UI and distracts from learning.


I don't mind translating ads if they are well written and fairly easy to understand. I hate translating articles stuffed with names, dates and movie titles. I've recently translated parts of the articles about pokens and privacy. They were really good, I enjoyed reading them and was captivated enough to translate quite a lot. But what I usually get when I come from a "real-world" section of a lesson is something incomprehensible and/or dull. Really, I would even pay myself to get some quality stuff for reading and translating.


It is actually duo's business model to sell our translations and in turn provide the service for free. So, it's quite natural that we will translate some articles they can make money with. As long as there is a good balance with -say- Wikipedia articles, I have no problem with it. This keeps duo self-sustained.


I read the about page thoroughly, now I understand a bit better. I continue to have some doubts, but I understand better. I was so surprised because the site is so amazing, and that was the only spot I could find.


And more stuff. I think real articles regarding true news from normal newspapers should be translated. Who is selecting the stuff to translate?


It's not even good German. "nix weiter dazugemanscht" is just bad German.


I wonder if Duolingo people know that some contents could be perceived as ads. Maybe it's not even intentional. If I would run a site so great like this one, I wouldn't like that some contents are not perceived as helpful only. I can go on translating only other stuff, I know. Anyway, it seems this thing disturbs only me.


I find it difficult to take the "ads" in the translations seriously. They're merely something to translate. Just finished translating one about a cardboard dog house - could be regarded as an ad, but was actually a laughable concept. Further, I don't know how Duolingo chooses the material to translate but I do know that using newspaper or magazine articles or sections of books would involve copyright permission. Given the amount of material Duolingo translations include, obtaining that permission would be a horrendous task, while advertisers are usually happy to have their blurbs reproduced.

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