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  5. "It is September."

"It is September."

Translation:Είναι Σεπτέμβριος.

December 20, 2016



I learned in comments to a previous exercise that the article is always needed when the month is the subject of the sentence. But here the article is not allowed, so I'm confused again! Help?


Well in this case, I wouldn't say September is considered a subject in the sentence, it's more of a predicate. Take a look:

-What month is it? -Τι/Ποιος μήνας είναι;

-It is September. - Είναι Σεπτέμβριος.

Almost like you're answering "The month is September." So the month looks like the actual subject ^.^ (These "month rules" in Greek are really weird, but they are not too complicated. Soon you'll get used to it, and the cases where you'll be a bit confused are really, only a few.)


Are the names of the months written with initial capital letter, as if they were proper names?


Υes. Just like the days of the week. ^.^


Thank you, Dimitra. In Spanish, French and Italian the names of the week and of the months start with a small letter.


I can't type and when i hit skip, it says i'm wrong! What am I supposed to do so I can pass but not leave?

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