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  5. "Kiedy idziesz do rodziców?"

"Kiedy idziesz do rodziców?"

Translation:When are you going to your parents?

December 20, 2016



"When are you going to YOUR parents?" Isn´t there a word missing in the polish sentence? A word like "twoje" or "wasze"!?


No, there isn't. In Polish it is very common that if it seems logical to whom the object of the sentence 'belongs', then you don't use any possessive. That is most visible with members of family, actually.

Basically, you usually visit your own family. That's the most probable interpretation. Therefore there's no need to specify it. You'd specify it if you went to someone else's family.


I wrote "when do you go to your parents" and it was marked wrong. I have already flagged it but is there any reason why this may be seen by Duo as incorrect?


Yes. The Polish sentence says "idziesz" (most probably in the future meaning), so the English one should use an -ing form of the verb. For "go" or "walk" you'd have to have "chodzisz".


When are you going to your parent's? Implying that it is their house?


Well, but that's: your parents', seems that you wrote the singular. Sure, added, although as that's only interpunction, it isn't assessed anyway.


oh, so it would be parents' silly me overlooked that part

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