"Tatăl meu este deputat, nu ministru!"

Translation:My father is a deputy, not a minister!

December 20, 2016

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Could this mean something like "congressman" or "member of parliament", or is it really deputy (like a sheriff's assistant)?


Romanian parliament has two chambers: the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Members of the Senate are called senators and members of the Chamber of Deputies - deputies.


In the UK, it would be MP (member of parliament); in the US, it would be Representative (House of Representatives, as opposed to Congressman, givent that Congress includes both the Senate and the House of Represetnatives).


My Romanian-English dictionary says "deputat = deputy; member of parliament" In the sentence above I think "member of parliament" was what the writer had in mind. I have reported it!


Thanks, JonAbelli, that's what I thought. Député in french.


Yeah, and diputado in Spanish :)


No exactamente. "Deputy" en inglés puede significar "suplente" o "vice-", pero también puede significar "diputado", "legislador de la cámara baja". Según el Wiktionary, "deputy" se puede traducir al rumano "deputat" con ambas acepciones. Sin embargo, yo lo acabo de traducir como "representative", y me lo calificó como erróneo. =(


I've looked both in the Romanian and English dictionaries and "deputat" and "representative" have the same meaning. Also, a definition in the dictionary for "deputy" is "a parliamentary representative in certain countries".

Both a "deputat" and a "senator" are members of the Romanian parliament.


The UK second chamber is the House of Lords, all of them are in Parliament for life and are either peers with inherited seats, in high positions in their religion or given a place for life by the prime minister that is in at the time if a vacancy occurs.


Why is " My father's a deputy...." Incorrect?


It is technically correct, but this is a contraction that I don't usually see written out, although it's the way the sentence would be spoken no matter how it's written. Maybe it's avoided in writing because it looks too much like a possessive.

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