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German - Arabic - where to post language mistakes

I have assigned my students German lessons from Arabic and noticed some German language mistakes while previewing the curriculum. Where can I post them? Unfortunately i cannot insert my srennshot here. Thanks

December 20, 2016



if you upload that screenshot onto a website like imagur, you can then insert it into the post by using this:

![whatever text you want](Image url)


With each sentence, after you submit your answer, you will see two buttons down near the bottom left (beside the green check mark or the red X, where the correct answer shows up). They say "Report a Problem" and "Discuss Sentence". Use the "report a problem" button to report errors to the course contributors.

More info about reporting problems: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9764912


Well, I am only the teacher, I do not take the course. I cannot speak Arabic. I saw the mistake in the preview. So unfortunately, I cannot use the way you have described. But thanks anyway.

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