"Dw i eisiau mynd i Iwerddon."

Translation:I want to go to Ireland.

December 20, 2016



This is a very strange and interesting sounding name for Erins' isle, does it literally translate into 'ire-land' ? I'm guessing the name is unique because of a somewhat shared ancient history of these two Celtic countries?

December 20, 2016


To follow on from rmcode's note, the I- in Iwerddon probably comes from an early form of Y (the):

  • I + Gwerddon - 'The Green-place'.

The initial g- was dropped following I (as nowadays with Y) because gwerddon is a feminine noun, giving I Werddon. Once the two words were joined through frequent usage the result was Iwerddon.

December 21, 2016

  • 1543

Iwerddon is the Welsh equivalent of 'Emerald Isle'

Gwerddon from which it is derived is 'an oasis, a glade, a green nook or spot'

December 21, 2016


i hefyd

July 10, 2018
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