"Mae Megan yn mynd i'r Eidal."

Translation:Megan is going to Italy.

December 20, 2016



Megan has a very exciting life, going many places, liking this, doing that...

October 28, 2017


Why has this got 'the' in front of the name for Italy but not such with the name for France?

December 20, 2016


I haven't heard a particular reason yet - it does seem rather random! Similarly with some town names such as y Fenni, y Drenewydd, y Bala, y Rhyl, ...

Some English names for countries and other places also include, or used to include, 'the', although it is no longer used with some nowadays: the Sudan, the United States, the Ukraine, the Gambia, the Ivory Coast, the Channel Islands, the West Indies, the Arctic, the Atlantic, ...

December 21, 2016


Because France is "Ffrainc" and Italy is "Yr Eidal". The definite article (yr) is a part of the name for some countries.

"i" (to) followed by "yr" (the) becomes "i'r".

December 23, 2016


the most important is that they make the difference betwen llydaw and ffrainc

December 23, 2016


I'r mean to the so why make mistake

May 14, 2017


And mae means "is", but "Is Megan in going to the Italy" is also wrong.

You can't translate word for word -- you have to translate to English grammar and phrasing.

We say "Italy" and not "the Italy" in English.

May 14, 2017
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