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"We are the brothers of this girl."

Translation:Noi suntem frații acestei fete.

December 20, 2016



What's the difference between "acestei fete" to "fete acesteia"?


Placing the demonstrative pronoun after the noun still requires the noun to take a definite article (i.e. Noi suntem frații fetei acesteia.) So all that's achieved is adding an extra syllable. Even worse in other cases:
Noi suntem frații acestui băiat. - Noi suntem frații băiatului acestuia.

Maybe that's why this form, although considered "correct", sounds awkward and basically no one uses it.


You're right except that, in this case, ”ACESTEI fete” and ”fetei ACESTEIA”, we do not have a demonstrative pronoun, but a pronominal adjective. See the chapter DPPA.

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