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real world practice

im new at this and am still on the first lessons. When I go to real world practice it all seems way too hard. Where do I go for beginner real world practice. Merci

February 16, 2013



I think you should skip until you find something that you can translate. If it's too hard, try later, after you reach a new level. It will hopefully work better!


I agree, real world practice is a non starter for me.


I just did real-world practice for the first time tonight. When the phrase was too hard I just clicked on "Translate another sentence" and I found several phrases that I could handle. Some were as simple as "No," or "Gracias," or "Yes, but no thanks." Maybe you could try that. I should mention that I got "That doesn't seem right" more than once but that's part of the learning, right?

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