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  5. "Tu écris."

"Tu écris."

Translation:You write.

February 16, 2013



Why after Tu, you don't use the (') if there is a vowel in the next word? T'écris... I know this is wrong, it has to be: tu écris... but, why not?


French contractions are almost always of a consonant followed by 'e', not 'u'. One very prominent exception is la. See http://french.about.com/library/pronunciation/bl-contractions.htm


I asked my teacher Because I thought the same thing but she said that the French people like their language to flow like for example Mon ami. Sounds like one word but it's two that's why


I don't understand


You very well could use vous, but you would have to change it to. 'Vous ecrivez'


In the app you can chose between words to assemble the sentence right? I know for a fact that this means you write, but i can only choose you are writing. Shouldnt it be something different ?


Short answer: no. Long answer, there's no separate form in French for continuing action. There is a construction that emphasizes that the action is ongoing but it's used for drawing attention to the fact that the action is happening, especially as something else occurrs, not as a simple statement of action.

Je suis en train de cuisiner - I am (in the middle of) cooking {when you interrupted me, when the phone rings, etc}.


i said 'u' instead of 'you' guess this app don't know any 'teen slang'

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