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"Femeia frumoasă este nativă României."

Translation:The beautiful woman is native to Romania.

December 20, 2016



As other people have commented, this phrase would not be used by a Romanian. The normal way of expressing the same idea would be "Este din Romania / Este născută în Romania / este româncă". The word "nativ" is a false friend. It exists in Romanian but has a different meaning.


Ai perfectă dreptate-sună nenatural,cel puţin,în româneşte


I talked to a Romanian and she said "este din" would be much better. No one would say it the way the app suggests.


New topic: the pronunciation is bad (since a few days it seems to be more robot-ical...) It is saying: Femei a frumoasă... Not good...???


The beautiful woman is from Romania is not accepted as translation. :-(


"României" sounds like "Românii". Is that the correct pronunciation?


No, it should be "ro-mâ-ni-ei".



Does ”nativă României” sound natural to you? I would never dream of phrasing this like this. :) (I am from Iași ;) ). I would say ”este născută în România” or ”este din România”.

I have difficulties finding out what ”nativă” is. Should this be a noun?

What about ”este nativa României”? :)


In English, I would say a person is a native OF somewhere, but I would only say a particular species is native TO somewhere. I am a native of the United States (I was born here) and wild rice is native to the United States.


next time you can report that, they read often raised problems and fix them


its true, ive been there the women are not as fat and burly as american women(although this is a general rule not absolute law)


I try not to make generalizations about nationalities and ethnic groups, at the very least outside of statistically informed demographic discussions (even with half-assed disclaimers). Of course, while that is considered impolite in my culture, at the very least, badmouthing other peoples, or indeed women, may be considered perfectly acceptable in some cultures.


this is the serpent in me, these observations /interpretations are from heuristic research.. its because of all the food that america has they feed the disease inside you through propoganda, its like everytime you eat you are either feeding disease or fighting it, why do you think there are all types of fast food joints up in this BIH, its disgusting they give homeless people all types of food so you can be fat and poor... we all have perspectives and thanks for sharing yours... whichever one is going to get us closer to transcendence....

my mouth can be dirtier than a whore-houseand cleaner than the garden of eden pre-applebite


I'm certainly not claiming any knowledge of what is acceptable in your culture, just letting you know that statements based on misogyny and national stereotypes are considered rude in some cultures. I am interested in what the methodology of heuristic research is, though, so thank you for pointing me in a new direction for my own research.


Keywords: Misogyny: the difference between me and you is i dont sugar-coat ❤❤❤❤, ill call a spade a spade, im not gonna lie, i wont be a gentleman so help me jesus! and through heuristics it is what it is.. you are assuming way too much based on a couple of characters strung together to form words. sometimes the stereotypes are true, aMerica is one of the most obese countries in the world! FACT, not conjecture, this is common knowledge. perhaps beauty is subjective, but the amount of fat can be scientifically measured, and logically viewed using our complex eyes. am i wrong or am i right! YES we've been using heuristics ever since we were 3 and its valuable beyond measure. thanks for telling me whats rude and what isnt because i really didnt know, thanks for clarifying that for me there JAMES!

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