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"Țara noastră nu are multe autostrăzi."

Translation:Our country does not have many highways.

December 20, 2016



motorway is the same thing as highway


For the non-romanian learners, this statement is literally true. Romania doesn't have that many highways and it takes a while to travel across the country.


Yep, it's become a pretty hot topic. "Vrem autostrăzi" is a fairly common bumper sticker.


Yeah, last year I went on a trip in Romania and I had to travel from Timișoara to București and since it had snowed it took me five hours to go from Lugoj to Deva. Then six months later they did finally open that section of the A1 ahah. It took me sixteen hours to complete the trip, so I am not going to return in Romania during the winter, but I am planning to bring my girlfriend with me this summer if the Corona virus lets us! :-)


Couldn't "ţara" be understood as "land", here?


Certainly not. We have different words for it. Beside of some figurative speech, ”țară” only means country (well, mostly...)


Understood, thanks.


I found the word "pamint" for "land" in Romanian. (The "a" has a "smiley-type" accent and, I guess, the "i" [which has the other diacritic] can be the "a" with the other diacritic.


It doesn't accept "a lot of"


Just for reference: in England we don't have "highways". We have dual-carriageways or clearways or motorways.

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