"Luni, marți și miercuri"

Translation:Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

December 20, 2016

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Lundi, mardi, mercredi... I am so glad the days of the week are so close to French. These are the words I usually have the most trouble memorizing!


They're also close to Welsh, which is unexpected!


It is like the final ь in Russian. I notice a slight "y" sound at the end of the word. Chalk it up to the Slavic influences on Romanian.


Why don't we pronounce the "i" at the end of "Luni" ? Is there a rule of not pronouncing certain letters at the end of some words ?


The single "i" at the end of Romanian words is normally heavily de-stressed to the point where it is almost inaudible. I guess that the native Romanian ear will hear what they are expecting to hear, rather than what is actually said. So by this reasoning, it may so de-stressed that it is inaudible to the non-native ear but not to the native ear!

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