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"Η λίστα με όλα όσα χρειάζεσαι είναι έτοιμη."

Translation:The list with all that you need is ready.

December 21, 2016



May be my computer only, but the slow playback of this sound cuts off after η in η λιστα


Yes, the sound disappears in the slow version. I've reported it. thanks.


It's still a problem ...


I'm afraid editing an audio for one sentence is not possible. Changes to the audio requires a complete overhauling of the audio system, which we have no control over. All we can do is ask learners to report the problems. We are hoping it will be accomplished when we complete the new tree and there are new recordings.


OK! Thanks for the reply :)


Could "όσα" be replaced with "που" in this sentence? If not, why?


Maybe it could be used sometimes colloquially by some people, but that's both "clumsy" and ungrammatical. However, if you put it differently (by using the "implied" noun), it'll be fine:

The list with all the things you need is ready=Η λίστα με όλα τα πράγματα που χρειάζεσαι είναι έτοιμη.


Do we really need "that" or "The list with all you need is ready" is possible?


Thank you I've added the sentence without "that".


"The list of everything you need" is the most natural way to say it, this should be accepted


Yes, thank you very much. I'm adding it.


The slow version had only the first word. After several repetitions, I understood the version at normal speed.


Yes, sorry, the slow version had problems so it had to be disabled. I'm glad you were able to do it with only the normal speed. You're very resourceful which always helps in learning.


The list with everything as you need is ready Why is this incorrect?


"As" is not correct. You could use "....everything that you need." or simply "....everything you need."

όσα is translated as "as much as" or "as many as"...


It should be "everything you need" or "everything that you need".

"everything as you need" is not correct here in English.


Yup, the slow audio is busted.


As you can see from the other comments on this page we have reported it. Recently we have been informed that there are changes being made to the audio and we hope this and other glitches will be corrected soon.


Are both "όλα" και "όσα" required? Aren't they both saying/implying the same thing.
Jaye 16 - όσα is translated as "as much as" or "as many as"... όλο is all or everything: which must cover the lot. Is this a bit like - a tiny little piece of ... . Either tiny or little but not both. However, I doo appreciate that english speakers often do combine adjectives unnecessarily. Is this what is going on here with όλα όσα?


Are both "όλα" και "όσα" required?


Aren't they both saying/implying the same thing.

No - it's much like "everything that" or "everything which"; the όλα is "everything" and the όσα acts like the "that" or "which", and you cannot omit it in Greek as you can in English.

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