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I want to learn

I don't really know where to start. I thought an understanding of the Greek alphabet would be a good starting point. Therefore, my old brain has trouble trying to translate something that starts without knowing what the item is to be translated. I'm going to Greece in April and would love to say more than kali mara and efcharesto. That is not even really in greek letters. Thank you for your time trying to teach. I truly appreciate what happens in Duolingo. I will stick with this but maybe I am at 66 a bit beyond brain flexibility.

December 21, 2016



You're never too old to learn new languages! Take a chance and just give them a try. The rewards of understanding other tongues will be well worth the initial struggles. :)

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Hi moneywise, I'll try to respond to some of your ideas, all of which I find interesting and intuitive. Starting at the end. One of the great advantages of Duo is its ability to adapt so age is not a barrier. I started here when I was older than you are now with the same hesitation I hear in your voice. After completing German and Italian I can assure you that Duo is made for every age. It is flexible so allows us to work at our own pace but also allows the use of the maturity we have gained.

Let's look at the alphabet. Scary and intimidating right? Well, what if I told you at least half the letters are the same as the Latin and are found in the same place on the keyboard? Ok, they are not always pronounced the same I admit. Then there are 7 that look different but are pronounced almost the same as the Latin for example φ = f and Λ = L etc. That leaves 4 very strange looking ones...but 4 is really not much.

Now the really good news. Spelling and pronunciation are way easier than English. Basically, you say what you see and write what you hear. Very few exceptions really.

Is that all? Of course not. But Duo is built to be user-friendly and there is a team ready to help with all queries so don't hesitate to ask.

Before you begin just remember we learn by repeating so don't worry if you get something wrong. Try it again. Have a problem ask us. Best of luck and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Going to Greece is a great motivation, with a several Duolingo sessions you will be able to say much more than 'kali mara' and imperess the locals with your skills!

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