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  5. "Η πρόβα μου."

"Η πρόβα μου."

Translation:My rehearsal.

December 21, 2016



"My practice" - acceptable?


Practice is more like εξάσκηση. Μια πρόβα-a rehearsal is a kind of practice. But a band member is practicing on his own, and is having a rehearsal with the other band members. It's not exactly the same thing. ;)


And yet, throughout my school days, I can remember kids saying, "I've got band practice this afternoon."

[deactivated user]

    Is this related to "prove" in the sense of test or try?


    They have the same root. Προβάρω and prove both originate from the Latin probō. ^.^

    (Probus in Latin means good, excellent, so the verb means something like to try to be good.)

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