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"There are many applications in my computer."

Translation:Có nhiều ứng dụng trong máy tính của tôi.

December 21, 2016



Should I be able to use a classifier for computer in this sentence? I wrote 'cái máy tính' but it was rejected.


Yep, you can say: Có nhiều ứng dụng trong cái máy tính của tôi. It would be accepted.


I'm pretty sure that's what I wrote and it was rejected ... but maybe there was a typo somewhere else in my sentence.


I'm a native speaker and I ensure that you can say: "Có nhiều ứng dụng trong cái máy tính của tôi." in daily conversations. It is accepted :) If there was any typos in your sentence, it would be underscored with red line. I think your answer was not added yet, so next time, if you encounter this sentence please report to Contributors by choosing "Report a problem" button, so that they can update your answer to database.


Probably not, Duolingo VN knows for inconsistency. Report it.

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