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  5. "Războiul nu ne e indiferent."

"Războiul nu ne e indiferent."

Translation:We are not indifferent about the war.

December 21, 2016



Dar "We are not indifferent towards the war" e ok?


I'm not a Romanian speaker, but it seems odd to have a subject of an impersonal clause. Wouldn't "Nu ne e indiferent despre război" be better?


It's not quite natural to say it like that, though it's not completely incorrect. I think it would sound better to say "Nouă ne pasă de război" which means "We care about the war". But the sentence is correct, we tend to twist the topic of the words


Actually the given sentence by Duolingo is right. "A fi indiferent" is not an impersonal construction, so it takes a subject.


About war (without "the") should be accepted if we are talking about war in general, shouldn't it?


You are right!

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