"The clothes are clean."

Translation:Hainele sunt curate.

December 21, 2016

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some clues for clothes/clothing expect us to use haine, others îmbrăcăminte. it is hard to know when to use which.


From what I gathered, this course expects "clothes - haine", "clothing - îmbrăcăminte". Is this not consistent?


i may have missed that distinction. i will pay more attention the next time that sort of clue pops up.


I'm trying to figure out the gender of 'haine'. I thought masc, because it was 'hainele' with the definite article (under the rule of e+le). But then the sentence used 'curate', which I thought was the feminine plural form of clean. Have I just got the adjective wrong and is it actually 'curate' for masc plural as well?


Haină is feminine.

O haină - Două haine - Haine curate

Un pantalon - doi pantaloni - pantaloni curați (masc.)

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