"The vegetable on the table is the cauliflower."

Translation:Leguma de pe masă este conopida.

December 21, 2016

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Why isn't this "Leguma pe masă este conopida." ? I don't understand the "de" in there... can anyone explain? Thx!


When talking about an object situated somewhere, you would use a preposition that sort of has the meaning of "from". Probably not the clearest explanation, so here's some more examples:

The clothes in the closet are expensive. - Hainele din (not în) dulap sunt scumpe.
The chair next to the table is red. - Scaunul de lângă masă e roșu.
The books on the second shelf are old. - Cărțile de pe al doilea raft sunt vechi.
The bathroom downstairs is enormous. - Baia de jos* e enormă.
The monsters under the bed eat children. - Monștrii de sub pat mănâncă copii.

(At least in the last example, you can insert "from" in the English sentence).

* There isn't a word for "downstairs" in Romanian.


Thank you for an excellent explanation, potestasity.

However is the 'de' necessary only when the article in question is the subject of the sentence?

I am sure Duolingo taught me that 'ziarul e pe masa' means 'the newspaper is on the table'.


Yes. But "ziarul de pe masă" means ”the newspaper which situated on the table”. ”Dă-mi ziarul de pe masă” = ”Give me the newspaper off (on) the table”. This preposition peculiarity is similar to French.


But you could hardly have a more basic 'position' preposition than 'the caulifower is on the table'. It seems weird to demand a 'de' here and to mark me as wrong because I omit it. Also, I do not see any similarity with French.

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