"He comes from the kitchen."

Translation:El vine dinspre bucătărie.

December 21, 2016

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"El vine din bucătărie." Is it wrong? If so, why?

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El vine din bucătărie. - He was in the past or still is inside the kitchen and comes towards the observer. His journey started inside the kitchen.

El vine dinspre bucătărie. - He is outside the kitchen and comes towards the observer, while the kitchen is behind him as viewed from the observer. His journey may or may not have started inside the kitchen.


I've seen it mentioned that din seems to be a contraction of "de în", which I think helps to see the difference between these two cases:

din = de în bucătărie - From in the kitchen dinspre = de înspre bucătărie - From towards the kitchen


What is the difference between "de la" and "dinspre" ? They sems to be a same accordingly ( ea/el vine de la/ dinspre bucatarie)

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