"Unde este armonia din vocea ta?"

Translation:Where is the harmony from your voice?

December 21, 2016

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I translated this as ”Where is the harmony of your voice” and it was not accepted. ”In” would have been better, but so far duolingo seems to be insisting on ”from” as the translation of ”din” in every example regardless of the context, and the result is totally unnaturual English.


Figuring out when the translation must be stilted and when it must be natural is the most frustrating aspect of doing these programs when they are in beta.


I think that the translation you are asking about may be: "Unde este armonia vocii tale?"


Does harmony not imply more than one voice?


There's nothing in the sentence that precludes that possibility.


'vocea ta' is singular


I would see it as there being multiple people singing but you’re only talking to one of them.


In which case I think we'd say "in your voices". I too find the concept of harmony in one voice difficult to grasp, unless it refers to some sort of feeling.


But as I was saying, you could be talking to just one of the singers. "harmony" can be referring to a part that is sung that is not the melody, it doesn't have to be all the parts in combination.


Yes, that sounds plausible, ta.


Working for 40 years in music, I never heard something like this: harmony in or from your voice. ??


"Where is the harmony from within your voice?" is what I put in, yet it wasn't accepted.


In English, we would never say "the harmony from within your voice," though I suppose it is grammatically acceptable. Rather, it has to do with how we understand "from within" and how we understand harmony. When we say something comes "from within," we are picturing movement. The bees are coming from within the hive, a smell is coming from within the oven, or a sound is coming from within a box. Here, it really should be "in," rather than "from," because the harmony is a characteristic inherent in your voice, like the beauty in a rose or the injustice in a system. Neither of those, for instance comes from within, as it never leaves the thing it is in.


I got this wrong when using "e" instead of "este" which has been perfectly acceptable in all other exercises i have done.

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