"Care este vocea acestei trupe?"

Translation:Who is the voice of this band?

December 21, 2016

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Who is meant by the voice of the band? Is it the soloist? Or the singer? The lead singer?


"vocea unei trupe" is not so common. There is a specific slang for rock bands: chitarist, basist, toboşar, clăpar (guitar player, bass player, drummer, keyboard player). The lead singer is referred to as "vocalist" or "vocal" (rare). Example: Cristi Minculescu este vocalistul trupei Iris.


I have no idea what this means! I would say ”Cine este solistul (solista) acestei trupe?”. But I don't know much about music. :)


Or spokesperson?


Why does Duolingo sometimes insist that trupa translates as band, rejecting group, and at other times, it insists on group, rejecting band?


Can some Romanian speaker regarding the use of care instead of cine?

Note that I'm assuming (as seems to be coherent with crbratu's comment) that vocea refers to the lead singer.


"cine" translates to "who" without any doubt ( Who is the...) "care" can be a short form of "care din ei" (which one (of them)). It is very common that in everyday language "care" is used instead of "cine" (a little bit rude, though...) Examples: "Care ești acolo?” (Who is there?) ”Care știe engleză?” (Who knows English?) ”Care mi-ai luat sticla?”(Who has taken my bottle?)


Thanks, that is a very clear and very useful explanation.


An i right in thinking that "care" can be short for "care din voi" (sau așa ceva)? Like, "which (of you) is the singer...?"

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