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  5. "This is the beginning."

"This is the beginning."

Translation:Đây là sự bắt đầu.

December 21, 2016


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We never learned "khởi đầu".

January 4, 2018


Yet, in the multiple-choice exercise, "khởi đầu" is the only correct choice given.

khởi đầu 起頭

  • Mandarin: qǐtóu
  • Cantonese: hei2 tau4
  • Sixian Hakka: hí-thèu
  • Minnan: khí-thâu

I couldn't find a chữ nôm character for bắt

March 12, 2018


sự bắt đầu should have been the answer, because it was the only thing we were ever given.

December 11, 2018
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