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Sound wont work on Mac

I was using the sound fine until about 1 week ago... Now i cant hear anything... it keeps telling me We can't play sound in your browser.

close It's possible that you have browser extensions that block Flash or that Flash crashed.

Let's fix this! If you have a Flash blocker add 'duolingo.com' to its whitelist. If Flash crashed try reloading the page.

Sound still not working? Go to the settings page in the top right corner to disable the speaker. Does anyone here know why my sound stopped working all of a sudden? I can hear stuff on other websites just not on this one.... so frustrating and boring to do it without sound :(

February 25, 2014

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Hi missnancyy,

You've posted this to the General Discussion forum. Your post should go into the Troubleshooting forum. Please subscribe to the Troubleshooting forum, then edit your post, and select Troubleshooting instead of "Duolingo" in the drop-menu.

Thanks! ^_^

PS This is how to subscribe to another forum:

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