"Ea este frumoasă cu toate că ea nu vede."

Translation:She is beautiful although she does not see.

December 21, 2016

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What doesn't she see? That she is beautiful? Or is she blind?


It could mean that she is blind, but in this context it would most likely mean that "she is beautiful although she doesn't see it [that she is beautiful]" instead of being beautiful despite being blind.


would something like "ea este frumoasa cu toate ca nu ii da seama" make the "she doesn't realize it" interpretation more clear?


Indeed! And the other interpretation would be more clear by saying ea este frumoasă cu toate că este nevăzătoare.


"nu vede ea prea multe dar... e frumoasa foc!"


Funny question, right doubt.

Some sentences could be tricky as in this case... And we would need more info about it.

This sentence could means both, that she is blind, and that she doesn't notice she is beautiful.


I'm pretty sure it means she's blind. (Although, I'm not native.)


I think what they mean to say is: "She is beautiful although she does not see IT." At least accept it as correct!!!


I wonder why that wouldn't be accepted if that's the intended meaning of the sentence (I imagine it is, because saying "She's beautiful despite that she is blind" doesn't make much sense). Romanian appears to have the capability of dropping the subject of a sentence (like saying "Am here" instead of "I am here"), so why wouldn't that work in this case?


The subject can (sometimes) be omited because the form of the verb gives (some) information about the subject, that is not the case with the object though.

"She does not see IT" -> "It" would be the object.


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"She is beautiful despite she is blind". This is misleading.

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