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  5. "Cât de mult este doar atât?"

"Cât de mult este doar atât?"

Translation:How much is just so much?

December 21, 2016



Is this a fixed expression? What would be the idiomatic translation?


The translation is exaclty the same. "How much"= cât de mult; "is"=este; "just so much"= doar atât/doar atât de mult


Thanks, but I still don't get what this is supposed to mean. In what kind of situation would someone say something like this?


Well this doesn't make sense for me either. I guess DL made this for exercising the words and their correct form :)


Please could someone translate what 'how much is just so much? into UK English.. and give an example of what the reply could be. Thanks.


The same:

A "You need do add just so much milk"
B "And how much is 'just so much'?"
A "Oh, about half a cup or so"


Slightly different, but works in English: "I want this job so much!" "But how much is so much? Enough to take a pay cut?" Just my interpretation.


Works for me. Take a lingot.


The void sounds like cuts an atuts. I could not understand what it wanted so I wrote what I heard: cuts and atuts. Which is the correct pronunciation?

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