"Nous voici de retour après une petite absence."

Translation:We are back after a short absence.

February 16, 2013

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Can someone explain how 'voici de retour' is working in this sentence? I can't quite make sense of it.


It is easier to understand it in another accepted translation: "Here we are back after a short absence."

voici = here is/are / de retour = back


I get that DL is looking for specific translations but I would have thought "we are back after a brief absence." would have been accepted. Tant pis


I hovered over the hints which said that voici meant "all of a sudden" so I put "we are returning all of a sudden after a short absence"...needless to say DL didn't like it :-)


For the English to French version would this aslo be correct: "Nous sommes de retour après une bref/courte absence"

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