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"Florăria este un magazin."

Translation:The flower shop is a shop.

1 year ago



Florist is the proper word for flower shop so should be accepted

1 year ago

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”Florist” is a ”flower seller”, which means ”florar”, ”vânzător de flori”.

1 year ago

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Also agree: florist should work here

1 year ago


Seeing the debate below about florist, i had wondered whether we should call it the florist which i know is in current usage for the person or their shop, or the florist's which is perhaps slipping out of usage but was certainly in use in my younger years - short for the florist's shop and in a similar way we say the butcher's, the baker's and the candlestick maker's except we don't see many of the latter since the invention of the electric light bulb (bec)... (I'm English) DL is accepting florist at present - i wonder what if i had put florist's??? This time i tried florist's and DL is not happy! I have reported it.

11 months ago