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  5. "We are short and fat."

"We are short and fat."

Translation:Noi suntem scunzi și grași.

December 22, 2016



• Noi suntem scunde și grase. • Noi suntem scunzi și grași.

What is the difference between these two options and why can't I say scunzi si grase?


The fist sentence uses both adjectives in the feminine form, while the second uses both adjectives in the masculine form (providing information about the speaker), so you can't mix those up.


So are you saying that the gender in this instance is determined by the gender of the speaker and not the gender of the group as a whole, like when using the word ei is all males or both male and females, where as ele is only females.


Yeah, my answer was confusing. You're right, it's about the group, not specifically the speaker. If it's all females, it's "scunde și grase", otherwise it's "scunzi și grași".


Is there something wrong with "scurți" ?


"Scurți" is for lenght and "scunzi" for height


So the snake could say "noi suntem scurți"


Hahaha...Yesss... " a snake is long or short"= "un şarpe e lung sau scurt". But the only snake that I know it can talk, is Salazar Slytherin and he would want to say that he's long...usually snakes have no ears, they can't hear a thing, they only feel vibrations...so that's why, I guess, they prefer not to talk. ;) Also any animal that has a tail could say " coada mea e lungă/ scurtă"= " my tail is long/ short"


What about Kaa ? Well, I guess he too won't say he's short.


Hahaha...yeah, Kaa too...forgot about him...used to be friends a looong time ago( shame on me!)... :))

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