"Other men are fatter than us."

Translation:Alți bărbați sunt mai grași ca noi.

December 22, 2016

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Would love someone to explain the difference between 'ca' and 'decât'.


"Decât" means "than", e.g. "mai bun decât el" = "better than him." "Ca" means (1) "than" (in this sense it is a synonym of "decât," .e.g "mai bun ca el" = "mai bun decât el" = "better than him") and (2) "as," use in the comparative sense, e.g. "la fel de bun ca el" = "as good as him". ("Decât" cannot be used in this latter sense.)

I hope this helps!


Thanks I used decât and was rejected. I think in this case decât is correct because it is a comparison ( one better or worse) than the other. Based on your explanation both are correct. Thanks


Sorry! rereading the sentence I realized that it was not accepted because I used os instead of noi! I just switched from Portuguese and that explains my lapasus brutus (from latina)!


I'm Romanian, and when I was Romania I only used de cat to mean than and ca to mean like. After I got older, I heaed my mom using ca to mean like and it really bothees me because it doesn't sound right


What's the difference between using 'oameni' versus 'barbaţi'?


I believe oameni means humans in general, and barbati means men.


Oameni is "people" and barbati are "men"


2019-04-25 This is a good question, because I got this exercise as "choose the correct Romanian", and the sentence shown above was not one of the choices! But there was one like the above that used oameni rather than bărbați. It was the correct one.


Why is it not barbati alti?


These (alt, alți, altă, alte) always go before the noun.


Surely this is wrong? It should be "decât noi" and not "ca noi"?


Both are correct in this case.


How? Bărbati is men, oamenii is people. How oamenii right?


I decat not the right word here? I know CA is also used but I thought that DECAT was more correct when translating from THAN


The correct English sentence should be "Other men are fatter than we." because the full sentence is "Other men are fatter than we are." "Us" is an objective or possessive pronoun, not a subjective one as is used here. And I've heard it before. "The English language is evolving, you need to keep up." Sorry, people. This is not evolution; it is devolution and just plain laziness and wrong. Sigh.


Its asking for men...i get "oameni" means people, but its aksing about men...so why isnt "bărbați" accepted?


I thought decât was for comparison and ca was to express similarity. So why ca here? I can tell decât noi sounds weird, but not sure why


Decât is better, report it.

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