"The girl does not have a cheese pie, she has a chocolate pie."

Translation:Fata nu are o plăcintă cu brânză, ea are o plăcintă cu ciocolată.

December 22, 2016



Would appreciate it if "cașcaval" was actually taught previously

December 25, 2016


Report it or accept it was a curve ball and move on.

July 1, 2017


Correct solutions in the multiple choice - Fata n-are o plăcintă cu cașcaval, are o plăcintă cu ciocolată.

cașcaval is a word that has never been taught. nice work.

December 22, 2016


I'm very grateful for this course, and I can very well deal with the fact that an unknown word once in a while makes a multiple choice less trivial than it usually is. Thank you, Romanian team!

March 31, 2017


What's the difference between "caşcaval" and "brânză"?

May 25, 2017


The difference is between a fresh/soft cheese and a harder aged cheese.

May 30, 2017


They are two diferent types of cheese

December 30, 2017


Can't remember the short form 'n-are' = 'nu are' was taught before. Please check this. Thanks

September 6, 2017


Previously, I was taught that tort de ciocolata was the translation for chocolate cake, but this time it was marked down because they wanted the translation for "pie with chocolate"...wouldn't both be correct? For both cheese and chocolate pie?

July 26, 2018


The answer was already given in the correct order O.o, not the first time that this happened

January 15, 2019
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