"He sleeps at noon."

Translation:El doarme la amiază.

December 22, 2016

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If "at night" = "noaptea", could "at noon" be translated as "amiaza"?


The hint for "at noon" said "la prânz" was a valid alternative. I guess that literally means "at lunch". But then I got marked incorrect for using it.


...and I was marked wrong for not selecting it!


one of the possible suggested translations was "Doarme duolingo amiază." Kinda funny, I suppose, but clearly a wrong answer, so less of a constructive learning experience, also giving more of a Mickey Mouse feel to the software.


In another senctence afternoon was trnaslates as dupa-amiaza and the translation broken down as dupa meaning after and amiaza meaning noon. Therefore, it appears that amiaza and pranz mean the same thing when talking about time. Or since Pranz also means lunch, maybe a better translation for pranz when talking about time would be lunchtime, which generally occurs anytime between 12 noon and 2pm (In my country at least).


El doarme după amiază - wrong?


Yes. “După” means “after,” not “at.”

[deactivated user]

    nu stiu de ce este asa dar tatal meu a spus ca pranz inseamna amiaza si ei sunt la fel daca vrei sa fii technical


    If it's the multiple choice version, it has to be both "amiază" and "la prânz"

    I'm guessing that they mean the same thing in this context.


    Duolingo has changed it in this oage to amiază, then both of them, correct?

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