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  5. "Some dogs eat bread."

"Some dogs eat bread."

Translation:Des chiennes mangent du pain.

February 16, 2013



If we say "Des chiens mangent le pain" doesn't that also mean "Some dogs eat bread?" The difference being that the official translation means "I see some dogs eating bread" while the second says "there exist dogs who eat bread from time to time." Is that correct? (Duo rejects "le" for this.)


'Le pain' means 'the bread.' These general dogs eat any ole bread.


Why is "Des chiennes mangent du pain" wrong?


Des chiennes mangent du pain means some female dogs eat bread. There is nothing in the English some dogs eat bread to suggest that they must be female.

When attaching gender to groups, only use the feminine form when the group is known to be exclusively female. If the nature of the gender in the group is exclusively male, mixed or unknown, then use the masculine form. Even if only one of the dogs in question is male and the rest female, then the masculine form must still be used.

Not sure what was at the top of the page when patlaf posted his comment but it now uses the masculine form, as it should do, when translating the English sentence.


It isn't wrong. In fact, if you look at the top of this thread, it says that "des chiennes mangent du pain" is the correct translation. Are you sure that is what you typed?


Did you maybe put Les instead of Des?


yes, i did the same


I am confused between de and du, can anyone clear it up for me?


de= of/from/to

du = de le = of the ....singular masculine (There is no contracted version of de la...singular feminine)

It's a little more complicated than that. Actually, it's a lot more complicated than that but treating de as of and du as of the, will get you started on the right track. Soon, your progress through Duo lessons will introduce you to the many wonders of the French use of de.


ok, thanks northernguy.


Does this go for "des" as well?


Why my suggestion "il y a les chiens" is incorrect?


Il y a chiens means there are dogs, albeit incorrectly. Il y a des chiens qui boivent du vin would mean "There are dogs who drink wine". :)


I wrote "Quelques chiens mangent le pain", as I was told earlier that "I like cheese" translates to "J'aime la fromage" because I don't just like some but all cheeses. Very confused!


Aimer in its various forms is an appreciation verb. Appreciation verbs cannot attract du. Action verbs can. Manger in its various forms is an action verb and can support du.

J'aime le fromage because appreciation verb aime cannot handle du.

Je mange du pain because action verb mange supports du. (or le when appropriate)


Did you think the dogs were eating all the bread in the world?


What is the difference between "des" and "les"?


why there has to be a 'du'?


is this even a proper sentences in french i would say certains chiens mangent du pain. but des chiens mangent du pain is an incomplete sentence


Why is "de la chiennes mangent du pain " wrong


chiennes= dogs ?? J'ai appris que la femelle du chien s'appelle biche, et on s'en fout des arrières pensées, non?


i didnt put an s after chien and it was wrong ❤❤❤

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