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  5. "A metade de seis é três."

"A metade de seis é três."

Translation:Half of six is three.

February 25, 2014



In English we wouldn't say 'the half' we'd just say 'half'


Yes! Or one half. So I was confused and got it wrong.


Thank you. So, one half of six and half of six are natural ways to say, right?


In the southern US, the only natural way to say this sentence would be "half of six is three". "One half of six is three" is technically correct but sounds stilted. The only time we would say it that way is if one half were being compared to another fraction, like "Three halves of six is nine, but one half of six is three." "The half of six is three" is simply incorrect.


Bullocks :). Among Americans it's just as common to use "one half" as "half" as is "a half". I think it depends a bit more on where you are but no one would look at you strangely if you use either of the three.


Thank you for taking your time, Frank and Brooklyn. So, in the UK, one half,and in the states, half. Now I understand it. Thank you.


I'm not sure why inshadeone thought the above comments were bullocks as she agreed with what was said. In English it's acceptable to say, "one half of", "a half of" or "half of", but not "the half of" in this context.


Maybe she's referring to the literal translation? I do AGREE with the American translation and you :), to avoid losing a heart,I reluctantly used THE,and it was accepted


....And on 1/11/17 THE WAS REJECTED??? :(


In the UK, "half six" without "a" and "of" is also acceptable, which I often hear. "Interestingly, we also use “half” without “a” in other situations, and not just when we’re giving the time. For example, if I eat half an orange – that’s how I say it! ...": http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/radio/specials/1535_questionanswer/page63.shtml



Dont you also say "A half of six is three" ?


We'd say 'One half of six is three'.


I agree..."one half of six..." or "half of six..."


We'd say, "Half of six is three", period. Anything else would get you a hard look and would automatically out you as a non-native speaker. Trust me! Either that or you're a very annoying and unliked math teacher.


I certainly wouldn't say period, I can't speak for American English but in the UK we definitely say 'One half', though we do often drop the one as well.


"A half of six is three" sounds fine to me.


Me too. Or just "half of six is three" The half, or one half, they sound very American


I'm English and I would always say half of six is three. I never hear anyone say one half.

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