Translation:I am old, I am a failure.

5 years ago



I'm old, I'm a failure. I am old, I am a failure.

What I put: I'm old, i am a failure.

Seriously, duo, if you're going to have two versions of the verb "to be", you have to be ready for all the possible answers.

5 years ago

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I was confused why this is "I am (right now) old, I am (always) a failure" and then looked up ser vs. estar again, and http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/100040/ser-and-estar has a helpful "Meaning Changes With Ser and Estar" for a couple of adjectives. So actually this means "I look old, I am a failure"?!

5 years ago


The higher you go in the Spanish lessions, the more depressing and dark the sentences seem to get. Yo he recibido "√Čl no conoce la amistad, ni el amor ni la esperanza." :(

5 years ago
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