"You write a book."

Translation:Tu écris un livre.

February 16, 2013

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How can one sentence be written two different ways? How can there be two different meanings for the same sentence?


I am guessing that you're asking about the difference between "Tu écris un livre" and "Vous écrivez un livre"?

The first is talking to a single person, the second is formally talking to someone (which English doesn't have an equivalent for), or talking to multiple people at the same time. "tu" is the 2nd person singular pronoun for informal speech, and "vous" is the 2nd person plural pronoun, or 2nd person singular pronoun for formal speech. All of those pronouns are just "you" in English", so there is some ambiguity when reading the English sentence.


Good explanation. That is what I figured was going on. This is my first time to learn a second language, and it is very confusing. Thanks for you time.

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